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Come learn to bake with us. Explore our current class offerings.
Local Sourdough
Long Fermented, locally stone milled whole grain flour leavened with a wild culture name "Harriet".
A Bread Making Community
Proof began in a residential garage, and is now in a new location in Downtown Mesa.

Our Bakery is Becoming Part Classroom

We have been building a beautiful new home for our bread production for the last year. Sharing bread making with the world was the theme since the beginning, and a classroom side was designed in.

You can click the link below to checkout our current lineup of classes. More will come in the New Year.

Serving our Nearby and Distant Community

If you live in the Phoenix Metro area, order some bread and pastries. Otherwise, our Shippable Goods page has various items that we love made for folks near and far.

What are We About?