Sourdough Croissant

Size: Individual

The Sourdough Croissant is at the base of our Viennoiserie program. It is quite rare to find laminated doughs that are only leavened with a sourdough starter. Yeast offers a certain assurance of leavening that is difficult to achieve with sourdough given the latter’s much weaker leavening power. The execution of these pastries involves very narrow margins which require skillful timing and observation. Risk of failure is high.

Natural leavening makes this and all our variety of pastries a fermented food which is easier on digestion. 2 days of fermentation lead to a final product that has a crisp thin outside, and a soft, buttery, tart inside. Versatile with both savory and sweet toppings. 

Just because we eat a rich food, doesn’t mean we must load it with junk. The ingredients are simply: Flour, Water, Harriet (Our Starter), Butter, Sugar, and Salt.

Though this croissant is flavorful and sizable enough to compose a nice meal, it only contains 8 grams of sugar. The high quality butter comes from New Zealand, and our Western US organic wheat is the core of this flaky treat.