DNA Chocolatine


Two decadent bars of locally crafted chocolate rolled into a house made sourdough croissant dough made up of over 80 layers of butter and dough.

About the Chocolate: DNA is a cottage chocolate maker, but in more ways than you might think. The brand is better known for the actual process of stone grinding cacao beans and then transforming them into chocolate, than for the bon bons. The brand sources beyond fair trade, at the prices that farmers directly set. They support farms in Chiapas, Belize, and Haiti. Our DNA Chocolatine includes 2 bars of hand crafted chocolate. The final product is vegan, contains only cacao and cane sugar, and is 70% Dark. This chocolate is fruity, vibrant, and full of flavor nuance. DNA Chocolate is a direct an alternate response to a commoditized global industry that most often abuses cacao farmers. 

About the pastry: We use New Zealand butter, incredible chocolate, and local heritage grains in our base dough. The final pastry has  crisp eggshell crust enclosing a soft, airy, and beautifully layered  crumb which isn't too sweet, or too sour. Start to finish, it is a 3-day process to make these creations.